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Female student pondering

Motivation validation: Who and what are you here for?

Rate this article and enter to winWhy are you in school, anyway? Why we’re doing <whatever thing> is a question to ask yourself at certain points in life. If your choices don’t seem to...
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Chill out, don’t bug out: Your best ways to prep for stress

Rate this article and enter to winYou’re heading toward an epic bio exam, that history lit review isn’t going to write itself, and the student government meeting lasted forever. Stress is a low-key word...
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Creativity: Can you lose yourself to find yourself?

Rate this article and enter to winDo you see yourself as creative? Maybe you don’t play a musical instrument and didn’t wow in grade school art class. Perhaps you see your creativity in your...
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Feel like an imposter? How to own your awesome

Rate this article and enter to winMaybe you rocked your latest exam and your professor gave you a shout out in class. Or you won three consecutive track meets and broke your own record....
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The 4 keys to college courses

Rate this article and enter to winKaren H., a sophomore at CU-Boulder, describes seeing the grade for her first college midterm as a “shock.” She’s not alone: I see countless students each semester who...
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Get your academic act together: Mind tricks for meeting your deadlines

Rate this article and enter to winAre unfinished assignments threatening to blow up your social life and mangle your peace of mind? At CU-Boulder, students can get help with academics through tutoring, as part...
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The job prob: Making the most of your major

Rate this article and enter to winPicking your major or minor can be stressful—especially if you feel your career might depend on it. You’re likely to grapple with a range of factors, and prioritizing...
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The academic hangover: How your brain is affected by drinking

Rate this article and enter to winAfter a hard day or week, some of us look forward to unwinding with a drink or two. No big deal if we’re over the legal drinking age...
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6 Ways to ace your next paper: Strategies to reduce your academic stress

Rate this article and enter to winWriting a better academic paper doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems. Reaching the next level may be as simple as taking more time to proofread,...